2021-2022 Meetings: Sundays at 10am at COVL 216

OSURC Underwater is a project team that focuses on building and marketing a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV). The ROV is designed and built according to MATE Competition requirements. While requirements change year to year, they traditionally involve solving oceanic and environmental issues. Experience is not required to be a part of the team, only motivation and a willingness to learn.

Electrical Subteam

Every year the electrical team designs and builds custom board stacks that connect the software team to the sensors and mechanical systems of the robot.

Mechanical Subteam

The mechanical team focuses on the design and fabrication of the physical aspects of the ROV. Members of the mechanical team spend time designing parts, modeling parts in CAD, manufacturing, and communicating with the other subteams to ensure their designs will cooperate with the needs of the other subteams.

Software Subteam

The software subteam of the Underwater ROV uses ROS (Robot Operating System) along with C++ to write code in order for the robot to run. Each year, this subteam deals with the challenges of connecting the driver to the robot as well as using sensors to allow the robot to complete some of the competition tasks autonomously.

Example Mission Fly-Through

Joining is as simple as showing up to the meetings and signing up for the mailing list.
If you are new, please let the team lead know so they can get you up to speed.

For more information, contact the Underwater Team Lead Ryan Rossetti at rossettr@oregonstate.edu.