Drone Racing

2021-2022 Meetings: Sundays from 10am-2pm at KEC 1001

OSURC Drone Racing is a newer team centered on building and competing with high-speed racing quads. The drones fly at speeds of more than 120 mph and the propellers spin at speeds up to Mach 1. We hold workshops to help members design and construct their own drones and also organize practice racing events so we can effectively compete throughout the country. Members usually come from majors such as mechanical, electrical and computer science engineers. However, it is open to anyone interested in building and racing drones, no prior experience necessary.

A full set of racing drone gear costs between $350 and $1000. If this team interests you, be prepared for an investment or start saving!

Joining is as simple as showing up to the meetings and signing up for the mailing list.
If you are new, please let the team lead know so they can get you up to speed.

For more information, contact the Drone Racing Lead Anthony Grana at granaa@oregonstate.edu.