OSU Robotics Combat Robotics Team
Fri 1 - 5 PM @ Merryfield 103

DAM Robotics' Combat Robotics team centers on building and competing with lightweight robots.


About the Team

In Combat Robotics, members design, build, and test robots to fight each other in 1 on 1 combat. Members can help work on our latest 12Lb “Hobbyweight” bot, design a new 3Lb “Beetleweight” bot in small groups, or build a 1Lb “Antweight” solo or with a friend! All materials are provided for bots, no prior experience is required, and we also hold competitions for 1lb “Antweight” classes 2-3 times a year!

This year, we will be competing with our 12Lb robot at the Western Allied Robotics Hobby Expo in Seattle On April 14th.

Osian Leahy – Team Lead