Useful links

(OSU Engineering Software Page)
(Solidworks Sketching Basics)
(Solidworks Feature Basics)
(Model Mania Challenge Parts)

How to Access SolidWorks Learning Resources

⦁ Open solidworks on your pc or through citrix
⦁ Click on the learn tab on the first menu that pops up.

⦁ If the menu doesn’t pop up or you accidentally click away from it, select the welcome to solidworks icon (the house one)

⦁ Select from the resources

⦁ Introducing Solidworks will send you to a pdf document that goes in depth about the different solidworks functions and has some projects that you can follow along with.
⦁ Tutorials will open a window next to the solidworks interface and will walk you through making different parts.
⦁ If you select MySolidWorks Training you can sign up for an account with your school email and your solidworks serial number (if you downloaded solidworks onto your personal PC). You’ll have access to a variety of SolidWorks tutorials. Here is a website showing how to find your serial #
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