Welcome to the Robotics Club branding page! We love to have all of our robots/sites/resources branded to the Robotics Club, so we provide some resources for you to do that here.

If you have any questions about the resources here, please email OSURCmedia@engr.orst.edu with any questions, and someone will get back to you.

University Branding

As an officially recognized Sponsored Student Organization, we are allowed to use all university branding in our projects. There are a few caveats that are described here. This does (as of current writing) include Athletics trademarks.

To access OSU branding, you can visit their branding pages here: www.oregonstate.edu/brand.

Officially, we are required to only purchase Oregon State trademarks through licensed vendors. In addition all designs are supposed to be approved through University Marketing.

Club Branding

The Robotics Club is working on establishing an official branding document. For now, please reference the branding guidelines on this document.

Club Logo

The Robotics Club logo comes in three different varieties: Black, Orange and White. Each of these colors has two subvarieties: one with the subtext of “OSU Robotics Club”, and another with “osurobotics.club”. There are not specific guidelines for the logo. If you have any questions, email OSURCmedia@engr.orst.edu.

[SVG Download]

[SVG Download]

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Club Badge

The Badge is a “fun” expansion of the club identity that embodies our motto “Make More Robot”. There are multiple versions of the badge that have been included here. Feel free to use any that are applicable.


[SVG Download]

The following badges are OSURC-generated variations on our main badge’s color scheme.

The Robotics Club manages the ResiSTORE student run-electronics store.

The correct spelling of ResiSTORE is as it appears on this page, emphasizing that “Resi” is distinct from “STORE”.

The correct pronunciation of ResiSTORE is “Resi Store”, with an inflection on the “i”.

ResiSTORE Logo

When present, the Robotics Club logo must always be significantly suppressed in comparison to the ResiSTORE, described as “powered by [OSURC logo]”.

[SVG Download]