Mars Rover

The Mars Rover Team is a multidisciplinary group of dedicated engineers, scientists, and robotics enthusiasts committed to designing, building, and operating a small-scale Mars Rover. The Rover team is split into four subteams: Mechanical, Electrical, Software, and Science. Each subteam is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing every component on the rover; from custom PCBs by the electrical team, to a six-axis arm by the mechanical team, to autonomous navigation by the software team, to in-situ life detection by the science team.

Joining our team is as easy as showing up to our weekly meeting. All skill levels and majors are welcome, so whether you are a first or fourth year engineering student looking for experience with practical applications of the concepts learned in class, or a business student looking for experience managing the finances of one of the largest clubs on campus, you can be a contributing member of our team.

If you have any questions or just want more information about the team, you can send us an email at or email our team lead, Anthony Grana, at We hope to see you at our meetings!

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Winter 2020 Meeting Times

Time: Saturday (10 AM – TBD)
Location: Graf Conference Room