The OSU Robotics Club Aerial Team is focused on building custom, autonomous UAV’s. Currently the club has designed indoor and outdoor UAV’s with high payload capacities, full autonomy, and long battery life. The team works towards furthering the understanding of aerial vehicle technologies.

Members will learn the necessary tools for assembling high quality racing copters as well as the basics of becoming a skilled pilot. Aerial team members will learn the components of quadcopters, techniques in flight, and high level sensor integration. The team is working towards the AUVSI SUAS 2019 competition, combining autonomous motion and computer vision techniques with high speed communications and heavy lift multi-rotors.

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Winter 2018 Meeting Times

General Team Meetings

Time: Friday at 6 PM

Location: Graf 206

Autonomous Motion Team

Time: TBD

Location: Graf 206 (Club Room)

Computer Vision Team

Time: TBD

Location: Graf 206 (Club Room)

Airframe Team

Time: Thursdays at 6 PM

Location: Graf 206 (Club Room)

Payload Team

Time: TBD

Location: Graf 206 (Club Room)

Ground Station Team

Time: TBDLocation: Graf 206 (Club Room)