Key People

The OSU Robotics Club Officers work hard to make sure projects and events flow smoothly. To contact one of the officers individually, click on their name below their image. Additionally, you may visit the contact page to send a general email to all of the officers and Faculty Advisors, Dr. Jonathan Hurst and Matt Shuman.

We invite all majors and engineering disciplines into our membership. Our members participate in international competitions against university and professional teams.


Officer Bios: You can read about our officers on our knowledge base here.
Constitution: You may view our constitution here (PDF).


Project Team Leadership

These are the people who manage our large scale "project teams" within the club. These teams range in mission from building underwater ROVs to aerial vehicles. These particular OSURC members are the best people to contact for general interest in their projects, as they would all be happy to share information about their teams. For more information about the teams, please navigate to their project pages above.

Appointed Officers

Faculty Sponsors