Pictured: Dylan Thrush, Billy Edwards, OSU President Ed Ray, Nick McComb, Matthew Shuman
Welcome to the OSU Robotics Club Website!

 How to Join

Joining the Robotics Club is really easy!

  1. Join the general club mailing list, located here: osurcmembers.
  2. To actually become an official member you will need to stop by our lab in Graf 206. Stop by during officer hours which can be found on the calendar.
  3. The membership fee is $10 for fall, $8 for winter, and $5 for spring.
  4. Questions? Email us on the officers list.

Membership Info

Membership lasts until the beginning of fall term next school year. Hence, the price break for joining later in the year. Membership will give you access to all of the club’s resources, which includes computers, electronics and hand tools, and a ton of other useful stuff for building robots! You can use the lab as you please at any time, just ask for the door code. If you are motivated and would like to join one of our project teams, contact one of the team leads below:

  • Mars Rover Team Lead – Dylan Thrush (dylanthrush1@gmail.com)
  • Arial Team Lead  Levi Hieb (hiebl@oregonstate.edu)
  • Underwater Team Lead  Tyler Engquist (engquist@oregonstate.edu)

Hope to see you soon,

– Vice President, Dylan Thrush

Mailing Lists

OSURC has two mailing lists:

osurcmembers@engr.orst.edu — Join this list if you are or want to become a member. Only officers are authorized to post information to the members list (in order to minimize unnecessary list traffic.)

osurcofficers@engr.orst.edu — Send an email to this list if you have a question about the club or want to get some information distributed to all members.

Featured Projects

The OSU Robotics Club Aerial Team is focused on building custom, autonomous UAV’s. Currently the club has designed indoor and outdoor UAV’s with high payload capacities, full autonomy, and long battery life. The team works towards furthering the understanding of aerial vehicle technologies [ . . . ]
The OSU Mars Rover Team is a distinguished robotics team within the OSURC that creates Mars Rover-like robots to compete in international robotics competitions, namely NASA’s Sample Return Robot Challenge and the Mars Society’s University Rover Challenge [ . . . ]
The OSURC Underwater Team is engineering for the 2015-16 MATE competition. The team will build a small, tethered ROV that can be used to solve today’s problems in the Ocean: re-fitting undersea cable, repair broken oil wellheads, retrieving Cube Satellites, and surveying [ . . . ]